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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

Quick poll: If you woke up this morning and thought, “today I need to talk to a salesperson” raise your hand!

I’m sure 95% of you didn’t. Or was it 100%?

Do you remember the last adverts you watched?

Of course not!

You need to get a report out, you have a tight deadline, an email comes in. It’s somebody you don’t know, trying to sell you something you don’t want and need.

There’s the problem.

I’ve just been swiping through my LinkedIn new feed and I got.

A post states “Meet the 4 fantastic IOT apps from Oracle”

No thanks!

“Is your legacy ERP holding you back?”


“Download the white paper to learn more”

No thanks.

When the telesales rep calls me asking for “20 minutes for a demo” I politely decline and then block the number on my mobile.

I realise that as Salespeople and Marketers we are taught to pitch, but I’m sorry nobody is interested and nobody is listening. We are just like you, we all have busy lives, and if we want to buy something I have a mobile phone and will search for whatever we want.

Yes I know you are different, your product is an “immaculate conception” but we are still not interested.

Corporate Baloney Squared

The other issue, is that employee advocacy tools / echo chambers turn what is probably good content into corporate spam. With 100s of people posting the same content at the same time. At my previous company, a marketer insisted we all post content at the same time. This was a “content bomb” it was also a massive fail, just done for somebody’s KPI.

I was on a call with a marketer the other day and they said “we have got the salespeople to share the corporate materials.” So I asked “how much inbound were you getting?” I was unsurprised to hear the answer was nothing.

Why do we keep Doing This?

Seth Godin in his new book

“This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See” says …

“It’s about attention. Scarce attention.

Marketers had been stealing it, abusing it and wasting it. Spam was free, so spam some more. Spam, spam, spam.

Email spam, sure, but all sorts of spam. Constant efforts to steal our attention and precious time, which we can’t get back.”

In the world of social media, it’s a global democracy. People want to follow you because you have something interesting to say. You are insightful, you are interesting, you are educational. If you think about being at a table with friends or at a bar. You gravitate to the interesting, the funny, the insightful. You ignore the boring, the negative.

The same with social media. If you churn out boring corporate content telling people how great they are. Pitching their products. Nobody cares, it just becomes noise and you tune out.

Seth goes on to say

“In order to get permission, you make a promise. You say, “I will do x, y and z; I hope you will give me permission by listening.” And then — this is the hard part — that’s all you do. You don’t assume you can do more. You don’t sell the list or rent the list or demand more attention.”

I get people who connect to me on LinkedIn and then start sending me emails, a newsletter. I always disconnect and block the email. This sounds harsh, but I just don’t have the time to read somebodies email. First they interrupt me, then they broadcast at me. I, as do so many people, don’t have time for it, so filter out the noise.

But, there are people I follow, Ted Rubin, Brian Solis, Brian Fanzo where I read every word.

More from Seth

“If it sounds like you need humility and patience to do permission marketing, that’s because it does. That’s why so few companies do it properly. The best shortcut, in this case, is no shortcut at all.

How many people would reach out and wonder (or complain) if you didn’t send out that next email blast? That’s a metric worth measuring and increasing.

Once you earn permission, you can educate. You have enrollment. You can take your time and tell a story. Day by day, drip by drip, you can engage with people. Don’t just talk at them; communicate the information that they want.”

If you have got this far in the Blog, have you noticed anything? I’ve not mentioned Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) everything I say here should help you and there is plenty more of this helpful and educational blogs where this came from. We publish one a day. No sales pitches, no how great we are, just pure unadulterated insight. I do hope you come back.

Some final thoughts, here at DLA we do no outbound sales and marketing. No adverts, no unsolicited emails, no events, no cold calling, we are a social company and everybody we do is 100% social. The results and ROI? DLA has over 69% share of voice when compared to our competitors. They have 37 times more people than us. We get three pieces of inbound everyday. If you want a response like this from marketing and sales, that’s what we do. Up to you, no pressure, you will find us on social. Good luck!

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