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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

You don’t mention what your company does.

Earlier in the year I met Linzi Boyd, author of Brand Famous, I was also sat in on one of her masterclasses as she told her audience – they mustn’t talk about what their business does. Linzi then went on to explain why. I always remember that moment – it rubber stamped what I had felt for a long time.

You may wonder why you would avoid mentioning what your business does. Let’s think about it for a moment – if all you talk/write about is your ‘product’ it doesn’t really matter who you are or what you do. You are blending into the world of lookalikes playing the corporate game. You can’t have a decent personal brand if you talk shop all the time. Likewise, your business won’t stand out from the crowd if all you do is plug what you make, produce, design, develop, sell etc. It’s boring.

If you want your personal brand to stand out – you need to be interesting. When you’re in front of a customer or prospect, do you only talk about your business and products? If you did – it would be boring. If all you speak about is you, your product and business, you become boring. If you can’t speak about anything else but yourself, your products and business – you are boring!

Likewise, filling LinkedIn with tales about how great your company is – doesn’t make you interesting.

Part of being active on social (social media) requires you to know about the value of content and how to use it to your advantage – creating and curating, liking, commenting and sharing. If you make the effort to write a blog but after a few lines you spout off about how great your Hokey Cokey 2000 is and why you are the best in the world – people’s eyes will start to glaze over.

You audience don’t want you to come across as boring, but if all you talk about is how great blah blah blah – I’m actually getting bored writing about it! You have to talk and write content that shows you have value. Telling anyone and everyone that your product is the best doesn’t make you look interesting.

You need to show you understand your audience, you can put yourself in their shoes, you can experience their pain and you know their challenges. You talk about your thoughts, what you have noticed in the market. What you really want is people to forget what you sell, you want them saying to you ‘I have this problem, how can you help me?’

The message in this blog is important – I hope that you don’t forget it. Or, you can think you know better, carry on being a bore and leave the more creative social users to clean up. They will have a greater audience, sell more, have a stronger pipeline and a cracking personal brand.

You want people to check you out on LinkedIn before you meet them and be impressed by what they see. What you don’t want is to sit there thinking about how many people didn’t check you out or never contacted you because of your profile!

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