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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

Hang on one cotton picking moment – aren’t we always told programmatic social selling is THE way to sell in the modern era? Aren’t we told that companies that don’t embrace social selling could face extinction? And aren’t we told that social selling isn’t a choice, it’s an imperative?

Yes, to all those.

Then why’s it a good thing that social selling isn’t for everyone?  Ah! Doesn’t the saying go ‘it’s simple but it’s not easy’ maybe it’s actually really difficult, expensive and time consuming? Is this why social selling’s not for everyone?

No, it’s not difficult, expensive nor time consuming – so they aren’t the reasons.

Now I’m confused………….3.356 billion people are active on social media – buyers and decision makers are on social media, so, why isn’t social selling for everyone? Is it because there’s only around 575 million people on LinkedIn? Or maybe it’s because we can engage with too many people via social media – that could make life impossible?  Is that why social selling’s not right for everyone?

Of course not, they are all great stats.

Doesn’t social selling give every employee the chance to advocate all that’s good about their company? And doesn’t social selling make our time more productive as we generate lots of content that people will actually find interesting and engaging? Doesn’t social selling shift us away from only talking about ourselves and how great our business is? Surely, they are all compelling reasons for social selling being right for everyone?

Yes, to all that. But it’s still not right for everyone.

But doesn’t social selling also mean the end of pointless cold calling, cold emailing and other intrusive out of date sales techniques which buyers hate? And doesn’t social selling make it easier to build a decent pipeline? And not forgetting it can help produce an additional 20-30% of brand-new revenue?

Yes, yes, yes – but believe me it’s not for everyone.

Isn’t it really easy to gauge how active sales people are on social just by the amount of inbound they generate? And doesn’t it mean you can divert marketing budget away from pointless outbound which is no longer cost effective?

Yes, it is and yes you can, but that doesn’t make it right for everyone.

Ok, one last stab at this……. social selling isn’t selling but it’s enabling people to come and buy from us – no more badgering people to buy. No, that can’t be the reason because no one wants to be seen as a desperate salesperson!

Correct, so that’s not why it isn’t right for everyone.

Social selling is like ‘waving’ and letting buyers know you’re there whilst creating, sharing and commenting on interesting content as you become a thought leader in your chosen field. With all these positives I can’t understand why social selling isn’t for everyone. I give up!

The reason why social selling isn’t for everyone is…………well, there’s more than one reason but for the sake of brevity here’s why:

Some CEOs and senior management don’t get social media and refuse to accept that it’s a vital ingredient to succeed in today’s market. Some don’t even both having a LinkedIn profile and other’s have egos far too big to accept that their old fashioned, out of date sales techniques that helped them win a deal in the last millennium – are no longer any good.  And, bizarrely, there are social selling experts out there who, should you not grasp the concept, will ‘help you with lead generation’ via cold calling and cold emailing etc, etc, etc. So, social selling isn’t for everyone.

This means that whilst all those people faff around arguing why they think social selling is dumb and not right for them – you can clean up. And believe me, nail social selling and you will be so far ahead your competition once they realise they were wrong. They won’t be able to catch you up.

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