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by Alex Low | @Alexander_Low | LinkedIn

Sitting on the Northern line of an evening having just presented to 200 or so fee earners at a Big 4 accountants firm, we had a robust debate on the “framework” of our approach to a good digital profile.

“If everyone follows that framework, then you all look the same”

Here is why I disagree with this.

Frameworks are open for interpretation. However, you are dictated to by a certain degree by the social platform choice as to how can present yourself. That is the framework within which you have to work, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snacpchat, Wechat, Twitter, Weibo. What you can be in control of is how you present yourself.

Your language, style, content.

Your “voice” or Personality which makes you the unique person you are. The reason people like you (or don’t) and why people buy into you. This is also all hugely subjective. How you perceive me, based on my LinkedIn profile alone will be unique. I could ask 10 people what my profile says to them, I guarantee there will be 10 different answers. Again, this is ok.  Ultimately, your Digital Profile is merely a book mark for someone to remember where to find you on which ever social platform you are on.

The story you tell is where your true voice can be heard. That is what will get your audience to understand who the real you is.

I welcome robust debate when working through LinkedIn profiles. It means the audience, i.e. you, are thinking about it and challenging your own perceptions of what is being debated. This is what I, we at Digital Leadership Associates do – challenge the status quo. This isn’t LinkedIn training or 101 Social Media – this is winning hearts and minds of the organisation, bringing you on a journey of digital sales transformation.

So what on earth has got to do with the trademark of the taste of cheese? Firstly, who knew that someone would even try & trademark a “taste” – surprise, surprise, you cannot

Thanks to Maninder Gill at SMB, I was made aware of this. I love cheese. Which is a hugely subjective debate, as is the taste of food more generally. We all have unique palates.

The cheese, wine, steak or whatever food it is you like, I may not. And vice versa. This good. No great. If we all conformed to the same view a la the opening scene to Lego – The Movie “Everything is Awesome” for those that have seen it. I am sorry, and for those that haven’t. Here you go. (apologies if this is now stuck in your head on repeat…)

However, there will be a general consensus (framework) on which we base our tastes – the same applies to your Digital Profiles, there needs to be a general framework within which to work – much like the recipe of cheese – it is how you choose to use the ingredients of your content and story to create a palatable taste for your audience.

Whether you agree with our framework or not, the point is this:

I want you to do is think differently about how you present your digital self. In order to that, I will challenge you on how you think about this.

On whatever digital platform you choose to be on. 

You are unique. 

Bring this to life.

Don’t just be another, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Lawyer, Accountant, Consultant etc on social. 

You may not be able trademark the taste of cheese, you can trademark you.

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