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by Phil Stubbs | @PhilStubbs14 | LinkedIn

I have a wizard wheeze – I should open a really impressive and slick vegetarian restaurant. I would dish up organic produce only, and it will be grown and picked with a 25-mile radius. The menu will be seasonal so I’ll only dish up vegetables that are meant for the table when you come in to dine.

Produce will be delivered to me regardless of whether a carrot isn’t within EU guidelines on size, or has secondary roots. Tomatoes won’t have to be perfectly round and apples won’t have to bulk up to hit their fighting weight. Everything on the menu will be loving grown, handled with care and cooked and prepared in a way to maximise flavour. The nutrients won’t be ‘cooked’ out of them.

I’d probably insist on green delivery vehicles to be used – doesn’t mean I’d insist on electric only vans as there is still debate on whether the manufacturing process and upkeep of electric vehicles make them the ideal choice. But there won’t be any old diesel engines spewing out thick soot.

For the fitout I’d opt for up and re-cycling whatever I can get my hands on and avoid leather and other animal-based products. An area I will pay huge attention to is the toilets – too many times I go to a nice establishment, enjoy a meal and then be horrified by the state of the toilet facilities. There is a gastropub near me that’s had a broken tap for over a year and the grime on the floor is awful. The management don’t care as people are still buying food. My place will be different – toilet facilities so clean we could put tables in there for diners.

And now for the master stroke – if any patrons of my vegetarian restaurant don’t like vegetarian food – they can order whatever they like. If they want shoulder of lamb they can have it, pork belly? You betcha. If veal is the preferred choice then veal it is. Foie gras or calf’s liver salad to start? The chef will dish it up without any fuss. And if you want that steak served up ‘blue’, all you have to do is ask.

How ridiculous does that sound? A vegetarian restaurant going out of its way to provide a fabulous vegetarian culinary experience – pandering to the requirements of the carnivores amongst us. It’s the dumbest idea ever.

Well, not quite the dumbest ever. I see ‘social selling’ companies and agencies that promote all that’s good about social media for B2B sales but, should you make the tiniest shrug of the shoulder or show the slightest lack of interest. They will reach into their out of date bag of tricks and offer you ways to cold call, send cold emails, attend events, direct mail, print brochures etc, etc, etc…..

Just as a vegetarian restaurant would by crazy to dish up meat, a social selling company would not only be nuts for offering support for out of date ways to prospect – they are also clearly not social selling experts.

If you want to learn about social selling choose a company that’s only focussed on social selling. Just as a blue steak has no place in a vegetarian restaurant, cold calling has no place in social selling.

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