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13 Things to Ask Your Marketing Department

By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Whatever your business,  these are the questions you should be asking your marketing department,  especially if you work in sales. And if you’re in marketing, drop everything and do them now!

1. Why are you spending money on PPC, ad-words, retargeting, when nobody looks at advertising and it de-values our brand by annoying people? 

2. When will you move away from lead feast and famine by implementing social selling to drive a constant pipeline of leads?

3. When can we have a content plan that isn’t just full of corporate twaddle so we can share it on social?

4. If we are going with social, but the well-meaning social selling webinars are not working, can we get a change program implemented?

5. With GDPR upon us, what is being done about a corporate policy for data protection and privacy? Are you positive we won’t get fined under GDPR?

6. With Wetherspoons deleting its email database, and with many companies now using social internally (Slack, Yammer) what is our plan to converse with our prospects and customers?

7. How can we externalise our great culture to create leads and change our talent recruitment from push to pull?

8. How do we get our whole board (C-Level execs) to buy into our digital marketing and social media strategy?

9. What if nobody cares about our products, brand, logo etc? Are we really differentiated from the competition?

10. We don’t need another pitch deck. How can you teach us to “white board” and “story tell”?

11. Account Based Marketing (ABM) needs to be a cornerstone of our existing client program. How soon can we have an ABM program up and running?

12. Can we listen for intent on social media and have these transferred into the CRM as SQA (Sales Qualified Leads).

13. When will you implement an influencer marketing program?

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