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200 Blogs Published: A Million More to Go!

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

We’ve been going just over a year and we have written 200 blogs (in fact we’ve written a fair few more than that as we have many unpublished blogs that will gradually go-out over the next few weeks (and we’ve written a few for clients too). I’m incredibly proud that we should have passed this milestone, but that isn’t the point.

The point is that we are only (in the UK) four full-time members of staff and four regular associates and we manage to write blogs at the rate of more than one each day.

You have time to blog – if you know where to look!

I don’t know how many people reading this post will be small business type people where perhaps they have wide ranging responsibilities and seem to wear a lot of hats. And how many work in large enterprises where they have a very defined narrow role. But either way, we are living proof that there is no excuse not to be blogging. “I don’t have time” simply is not an excuse because you MUST make time for blogging. Let me rephrase that. YOU must make time for blogging.

The onus is on you. YOU MUST blog. Whether you are the CEO of a multinational, or a junior administrator, whether you are the owner of a small business or working on contract you must must must blog…and here’s why.

Blogging creates easily digestible chunks of content that people will engage with in a way that they simply won’t with white papers or corporate marketing material. This content increases your visibility as an individual and the company’s visibility too. Failure to blog means that you are handing that visibility (and credibility) to your competitors. Competitors for that next client, that next role, that next opportunity even that next promotion.

The more I practice the luckier I get

As Greg Norman famously said, “the more I practice the luckier I get”. I would adapt that and say “the more I blog the busier I get” as we have noticed a very close correlation between the volume of blogs we publish and the volume of inbound we get. If for some reason we “don’t have time” to write blogs one week we certainly have plenty of time the following week because we have no work! Well, I’m kind of joking, but only kind of. There is a very strong link between what we post and what we get and, the reason is obvious.

A few years ago, your advertising or direct marketing drove enquiries, but not so anymore because people simply don’t read it. You know that’s true because you yourself never do. But people do read blogs, blogs that educate and empower and teach them things they didn’t know (rather than try to sell them something).

What’s more you’ve probably written a blog post or two already, you just never knew it! Even better, there are plenty of topics to write about

So, in the true spirit of blogging I am making a very strong point here about what we have learned the hard way: Blog. Blog often. And the rest will happen naturally.

PS In the true spirit of a blog this is about 500 words (490 excluding the title). Good luck!

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