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By Peter Springett | @PeterSpringett

Where’s Tony Stark when you need him? Or Professor X? If you’re a fan of action movies, you’ll know them respectively as the mentor-figures in the Marvel and X-Men franchises. And both come to mind when it comes to unlocking the creativity of your employees.

Why do you need a mentor-figure? In the movies, Stark and the Professor help assemble teams with diverse and sometimes wayward skills. These potential super-heroes may not even know their special power. Perhaps they have a half-glimpsed idea of what makes them different – take Peter Parker/Spiderman for example. 

It’s the same in business. You need someone to identify the creative, content talent of your employees and nurture them into a team. Otherwise you risk missing out on some of the most valuable assets in your business.

This matters more than ever because although content is king, we’re also experiencing content-shock. Our digital networks are overrun by blogs, photographs, videos and podcasts. The struggle to stand out is greater than ever.

Avoid the digital dustbin

Get your content strategy right, and you’ll achieve the kind of audience traction that attracts new business, partners and employees. Get it wrong and you could be pouring dollars down the drain producing dozens of articles that gather digital dust in a lonely corner of the web.

A frank admission before I offer any further advice. In no way am I claiming to be the protagonist in an expensive movie franchise. My super powers are restricted to running moderately fast marathons and an unlimited appetite for caffeine! But I do know a thing or two about content teams and employee advocacy. It’s what I do for a living both in-house and agency side.

So where are your content super-heroes?

Here are a few characters that I’ve met on my travels:

Nifty Networker: Hot on social, hot on the meet-up circuit. She uses Twitter and LinkedIn to boost her professional profile and has a strong following on both. Approach carefully. She’s worked hard to get this far and will need plenty of persuading to extend her personal brand and embrace the business.

The Backstreet Blogger: Enjoys writing in his spare time. Posts on LinkedIn, his own blog or guest writes for a community. Passionate about the subject be it sport, film or food. Always on the look-out for more views. Remind him that there are plenty of ways to weave his hobby into a blog for the business.

Jackie of all Trades: Posts photos, gifs, video clips, viral memes and more. Mostly on Facebook, but has a taste for Tumblr as well. Storytelling through different media is her super power. Even though she’s a natural when it comes to spinning a yarn, she doesn’t know it yet.

The Invisible Instagrammer: Hard to find, this character is like gold dust. He’s been using Instagram to tell stories about friends and family since 2012. Started off with single, static photographs. Has since evolved to use ‘Stories’ and Live video. An incredibly sophisticated first-person narrator.

News Hunter: Addicted to all the latest that’s important to your business. Follows competitors, industry experts, and tech nerds on social. Curates Twitter lists and has set up alerts for breaking news. A one-person research house who can create or brief up-to-the-minute articles. Can also help you schedule posts into your content calendar.

There are plenty more, of course, for multiple sequels and a never-ending franchise. Perhaps there’s even room for a spin-off featuring stars from your own business?

If you’d like to find out more about how to assemble your own team of content super-heroes, drop me a line (or just fire up the batman signal light).

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